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Welcome to Community of Christ Congregation - Vancouver B.C. !

We are an open, caring community that endeavours to uphold all as God’s children and thus deserving full dignity and worth!  We warmly invite you to join with us in our various activities.

For further information, we welcome all comments, which can be sent on our Contact Us page!




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3333 Kaslo St.

Vancouver, BC  V5M 3H3

Phone: 604-435-5344

Service and Times

See the calendar for actual times & events

First Sun. Each Month

11:00 am: Coffee/ chat

11:20 am: Worship

12:30 pm: Soup Sunday*

All other Sundays

10:15 am: Children &

             Adult Classes*

11:00 am: Coffee/ chat

11:20 am: Worship

(*) Excluding summer


Upcoming Special Events  (see Calendar for all activities)

Jan. 11, 2015: See our October Letter of Support to Burnaby Al-Salaam Mosque.
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Ongoing: Our Refugee family has been here for over 10 months now and has settled in very well now.  For anyone wanting to donate items or help in other ways, contact the pastorate.

Sept.: Our fall programs have started so join us for classes and worship on Sunday or Listening for the Soul every other Wednesday!

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Sep. 1 - 3:  The annual Canada West Mission Conference was in Vancouver!  It was a rich, stimulating, fun time!  See visual highlights!

Jul. 15 - 22: Our annual BC Family Camp at our Samish Island Campgrounds, south of Bellingham.  It’s not too early to start planning to attend - such a relaxing, nurturing time together!  Contact pastorate for details.

Jun. 25, 12-2 pm: Come join our Neighbourhood Party - lunch, games, face painting, great music!  Please note our worship service will start earlier than usual, at 11:00 am.  

Apr. 21 - 23: Explore or sharpen your abilities at the Fine Arts Weekend, which takes place at our Samish Island Campgrounds, south of Bellingham.  Be sure to register.

Mar. 3-5, 2017: Come be refreshed and inspired at the Nurturing Spirit Retreat at our Samish Island Campgrounds, south of Bellingham.  Be sure to register.

Feb. 24-26, 2017: Come and encounter another highly stimulating Weekend of World Religions (use the link for details and to register)!.  Like last year it will be extremely rewarding to actually visit and mingle with our neighbours of other religions!  Sponsored by Encounter World Religions.